MedRecordz TM
A unique and comprehensive platform for enabling individuals to securely store, manage and access personal and family health records online.
MedRecordz would play a transformative role in the healthcare industry bringing users, doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres, pharmacies and all other stakeholders onto a single platform.



  • Upload/access/share personal medical profile, history, medication and diagnostic reports securely
  • Keep track of self or children’s vaccination schedules
  • Maintain parents’ or other family members’ medical records

Diagnostic Centers

  • Hassle-free mechanism to enable online report access to customers
  • SMS alerts to customers
  • Email notifications to customers with reminders
  • Store and access patient records
  • Directory listing and customer referrals

Dental & Vision Clinics

  • Store and access patient medical records
  • SMS alerts to customers
  • Email Notifications and reminders to customers
  • Directory listing, referrals and appointments


Universal MedRecordz Private Limited (MedRecordz) is a company promoted and managed by alumni of IITs and IIMs with a combined experience of nearly 40 years in technology, management and entrepreneurship.

Founded with the vision of being the single platform of choice for storing, accessing and sharing important medical records for individuals, MedRecordz intends to use technology and innovation to transform the way important patient medical information is managed.

By enabling individuals, healthcare providers and diagnostic centers through feature-rich web portal platform, smart phone applications and specific consulting and services, MedRecordz offers something unique and useful to all the stakeholders involved.

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